Why you’re feeling crabby today


Courtesy Arthemia


Let me get this straight: I must get up an hour early, drive to work in the dark, change all my clocks, deal with tired co-workers and possibly miss an international phone call tomorrow,  all so you can walk your dog at 8:00 PM in July? I will feel tired for a week. Why must I upset my routine so you morning slackers can hang out late? Can’t you just get up an hour earlier and leave the rest of us alone?

Daylight Saving Time is the stupid brainchild of goofball productivity maven, George Vernon Hudson. Hudson wanted to get home from his day job in time so he could enjoy some etymological field work before bed. That’s right, we’re all inconvenienced because this man wanted to collect bugs after dinner.

All sorts of busybodies had ideas about how we should be spending our summer evenings. Woodrow Wilson thought you should be golfing late as he preferred to do. Idaho congressmen think you’ll eat more French fries. Charcoal companies want you to make more evening burgers. Environmentalists honestly think you will be saving electricity. The government is more than happy to help them. Big Brother sets your bedtime: he tells you when to get up and when to go to bed.

Millions of people truly believe they are ‘gaining’ an hour of summer evening and an hour of sleep in the winter. We’ll be healthier, save energy and drive more carefully! Yet  actual energy savings promised have never materialized; our health is at risk; and you may have a car accident the day after you set your clock. We haven’t ‘gained’ anything other than inconvenience. We’ve ‘lost’ a good bit in the balance. Meddling in that most private of activities, when we set our heads to our pillows, is just so galling.



WIlliam Willett, a meddler who knew how you should be spending your time, is buried near London. I encourage everyone to visit his memorial and urinate on it.


If you work with people in other countries, you know that DST goes into effect on different dates in the spring and fall. Try to plan a simulcast with England, the US and Brazil. Equatorial countries have no need of DST. Even some US states wisely self-removed themselves from  time-shifting. Yes, yes, software can solve this, but it really doesn’t: you must check a world-clock each time you place an international call.

Quick! What time is it in Pretoria right now? Are they on DST? See? You didn’t know.


Harold Lloyd, was happy to change his clocks twice a year.


There really is only one time. I call this “Now.” There is only one clock and it ticks in Greenwich, UK. Why not  use the exact same time, GMT, everywhere? When the clock says it is 08:00 in the UK, why couldn’t it also be 08:00 in Rio, Los Angeles, Kyoto and Bangalore?

Logic won’t sway the meddlesome do-gooders in government. They know how you should be spending your time (and money). But hey, I have a better idea: how about Calendar Saving Time (CST)? I live in a place with seven months of miserable winter. If I were Emperor of the Northern Latitudes, I would decree that everyone flips their calendar forward one month at the end of December, and backwards at the end of July. Think about it — no Januaries and two Julys. Makes sense to me.

You would get used to it.





Sorry, Ziggy. We Have More Important Problems



I want the Vikings to leave Minnesota. I have nothing against NFL or the team. But it’s time for self-indulgent Minnesotans to deny themselves a few things, and a good way to start is with a greedy sports franchise.

Minnesota, like most states, is bleeding. She is bleeding jobs. Her citizens have lost income. The state government is running a deficit in the billions.  But this time Minnesota can’t borrow or increase taxes — there’s nothing left. It’s time to cut spending. It will be a lot of pain, for several years.

We’re in this mess because we ramped up social services to make us feel morally upright. Minnesota subsidized an entitlement mentality at its universities. She is a slave to parasitic, self-serving, government employee unions. Yes, Minnesota grew fat and sloppy when times were good. Now that they are awful, she has some tough choices to make.

It should be a no-brainer to push the grasping Ziggy Wilf away. This man owns the Vikings and wants the people of Minnesota to buy him a new stadium. He is very, very wealthy.  He could probably fund new Vikings digs from his own pocketbook. He could also take out a loan. I hear banks are just loaded with cash these days. Between them, they could lock a deal.

The crafty Mr Wilf, a lawyer by education, wants the best deal possible, and making other people pay his bills is probably the best deal of all. He threatens to not renew the Vikings’ lease on the perfectly adequate Metrodome. His minions have dropped more than a few hints they might move the Vikes to another place, maybe even California.


It is time for Minnesota to say “No” to a new stadium. We have a lot more “No’s” coming up: “No” to that sacred cow, the University of Minnesota; “No” to extravagant social services; “No” to dependent cities; “No” to subsidizing failing businesses.  Chief Executive magazine ranked Minnesota a pitiful 31st place in ‘best state to do business.’ We’re gaining on Massachusetts.

It should be easy for us to say “No stadium” to the Vikings. 

Sports franchises are really a social commodity. There’s no fiscal benefit to having them. It’s all emotion. But have heart, we’ve gotten over a lost sports team before.



 We can get over it again.


Protesting Big Government, Spring, 2009


Last Spring thousands of angry Minnesotans protested at the doors of the state capitol. Most of the media ignored it. It was pretty fun — mostly laughing people of all walks of life. No freaks. No giant puppets. No drums. No ugly women. Just many speeches and lots of boos for Obama and Bush.

I know they were working people; it was mid-week and everyone left promptly after the last speech. They had to — it was a workday.


Yours Truly

There’s something happening here…


There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear

                                                                        Buffalo Springfield

I can feel it, the anxiety turning to anger. No longer are people afraid of only losing their fortune; they now fear the nation is slipping away. Big government, diminished hopes, broken promises. And fiscal immorality.

People are taking to the streets. Grandma hoists signs. Working people who have never written to a letter to the Op-Ed page are showing up. Yelling, too.

Our  effete media calls them a ‘mob.’ Anderson Cooper labels them with venal slurs. Barney Frank lashes out. None of them listen; none pay attention to the message. And so it escalates.

I read this week the ‘Tea Party’ is now more popular than either the Democrat or Republican parties.

For the first time in my life I attended a protest. Yes, me. I’ve always trusted the government. I never belonged to a party, Just a regular voter and taxpayer. That changed last spring.


We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, now, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down