Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


Have fun learning about your ‘Identity’



People of different aspect, background and heritage talk about their identity


Yesterday I spent an hour in the newly opened ‘Identity’ exhibit in the Science Museum of Minnesota. The hands-on exhibit explores the different variables that contributes to identity perception, both self-perception and how we perceive each other. The exhibit opened last week and runs through January 8, 2012.

I learned a few things at the many stations. I could have easily spent another hour there and I will probably return to finish it. I learned I am more extroverted than I thought; I am as feminine as masculine in the way I observe the world; and I value science and math. I am also more oblong than DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.

I managed quite well at the displays though the audio was too low in several of them. Older visitors will have trouble hearing — I did.




Environment can change your appearance. ‘Older Me’ if … I minded my health … ate poorly … or smoked. The last image looks just like my father! I was startled to see his face. Yes, he is a former heavy smoker.



You can also alter your face to different gender or ethnicity. Here I am black, female and Asian. I recommend trying this — you won’t forget the faces looking  back at you.