This is Marble, rat terrier… suburban terrorist


My little friend Marble and I are banned from the Woodbury Farmer’s market. We took a Sunday walk to the open-air market as we have for several years. This time we were stopped at the entrance by man who was on the lookout for canines. “Sorry, it’s a health policy; we can’t allow dogs in the Farmer’s Market.” We turned around and walked back home.

Allow me to describe Marble. He weighs twelve pounds and is fifteen inches tall at the shoulder. Marble is a black and white bundle of pure affection. He loves all people. He has never harmed a soul in his eight years. Little Marble is a magnet for the dog lovers there, small kids, especially. He gets ear rubs and pats, and always a smile

Marble was on his leash (above, taken minutes after our banishment) and kept close to me. I had a “poop bag” in my pocket, just in case.

I can’t understand a rule banning dogs at an open-air market. Well, I suppose a big, bloodstained, growling pit bull, maybe. But rules are rules and exceptions really can’t be made. Once-size-fits-all, zero tolerance is the best a government funtionary can do. I see it this way: if you can’t allow common sense to interpret a rule, then you’re admitting it is unreasonable.

Funny thing, yesterday I had truly scary event with Woodbury animals. A flock of fifty Canada geese were deciding whether to waddle across a 50 MPH road. The man in front of me slammed on the brakes. So did I. And I watched the car in my rear view mirror slam to a screeching stop just a handful of feet from my rear bumper. Woodbury refuses to ban the geese. It won’t remove them.

I’m not going back to the Farmer’s Market. I’ll just buy my fresh produce at the grocery store. The quality is the same. Really, it is. I walked to the market each summer Sunday to enjoy the companionship of my little friend.

Happiness is more important than compliance.