Growing The Legacy of Knowledge



How Social Business platforms extend the reach and value of document-centric knowledge


Knowledge is not just approved and categorized documents, but it’s also the ‘little knowledge’ that flows about us during the workday. I call this “knowledge in motion,” the kinetic information that flows by and nearly always disappears. Online collaboration persists this kind of knowledge. It’s really ‘wisdom:’ knowledge enhanced with context (value, when, who) . Via links and tags, all knowledge can be more findable — exploitable — across the boundaries of time, team and culture.

Allow me illustrate via a story in Prezi. I introduce Thomas, now a senior scientist, who has a legacy of documented knowledge and profitable accomplishment for his company. Younger scientists from other countries find his documents and they release this content-centric knowledge into the company’s social business environment. Furthermore, they augment it with what they know, what they find outside and even things Thomas doesn’t know. Thus his ‘legacy’ grows. Eventually, Thomas is drawn into the emergent social network. I also show how Thomas attempts to collaborate with himself over time, and fails because he can’t find his own ‘little knowledge.’



Happy zooming! I hope you don’t need a Dramamine.



Quora is here. Stay away!

A new knowledge site blends collaboration and knowledge sharing





A  very promising world resource is emerging right now. It’s called Quora and it’s white-hot. It is a chimera of sorts, a blend of wiki, discussion and crowdsourcing. Presentation is simple. You can subscribe to topics and follow people. Quora is a place to ask — and answer — anything. I see it as a powerful technical research tool.

The corporate Who’s Who are showing up. CEOs are engaging with mortals. Geeks are answering normals.

Quora also looks like productivity black hole. If you’re interested in the world, then Quora will suck you in.

You have been warned! Stay away! At least when you are in the office.

Warning: Quora has problems on IE8. Works great on Firefox and Chrome browsers.