Let’s Make Some Pencils

“This is the world we live in. If we weren’t surrounded by it every day, if we didn’t take it for granted, we’d be dumbstruck by its very intricacy and brilliance.”


It has been my privilege to work in large enterprises my entire career. Over the years I have worked with just about every business role in nearly every function in large companies. When I stand back and look at their accomplishments, I am struck by their “very intricacy and brilliance.” This is their advantage. This is their strength.

Large companies, especially those with decades of wisdom, have developed many paths to success. Fortune flows not only from the top downwards, but upwards where business innovation happens best. Opportunity doesn’t appear only in an executive’s spreadsheet: it is there in a customer complaint, a sourcing contract, a line extension … a new information technology. Intelligent employees take initiative. Internal networks and collective wisdom provide the confidence to experiment. They provide the speed to innovate on the spot. And the company wins.

Organic cooperation and many experiments led successful enterprises to where they are today. Manufacturing, R&D and yes… IT, Sourcing, Finance, HR and Supply Chain, innovate in thousands of unheralded ways to seize business opportunities and grow the company.

Okay Acme Corporation let’s make some “pencils.”


“This is the modern world. It’s miraculous, it’s intricate. And it gets better every day, so long as people are free to interact with each other. If we can leave the human mind uninhibited, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.”


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