Where Do Engineers Come From?


Entrepreneurship, Cardboard and Packing Tape


You may need a handkerchief before watching this


Nine year-old Caine spends his mornings in the family auto parts store. While his father works the computer in the office, little Caine makes use of the extra boxes and tape he finds in the back. Watch the eleven minute video and you’ll see what an ingenious inventor Caine is.

Here’s why am I captivated by Caine’s story:

  • Caine perfectly demonstrates creativity under constraint. He uses junk and office supplies to build an entire, interactive arcade.

  • The documentary demonstrates the power of social media. But that’s really a side story; it’s really about community. Caine’s store is in a poor working-class east Los Angeles neighborhood. A friendly, socially-connected man recognized a genius when he saw one and he took action. Strangers surprise, engage and applaud Caine for no other reason than they are generous souls. Humanity’s better angels took action.

  • Caine built this all on his own. He did “build that” as entrepreneurs do.

  • Caine’s father is one of the best examples of a good parent. No hovering. No managing.


The short, eleven-minute documentary will make you smile and maybe, cry. What do you think of Caine?


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