No, Romney Is Not Inevitable.


Money? Yes. Pundit Favorite? Yes. Acceptable? No.


From the Swamp blog


The man who never gets above 25% in the GOP polls has the party nomination in the bag. Most of my favorite pundits think so — in fact, they have been saying this for several months now. Their reasoning? Romney is the most electable: he has the money; he’s played a shrewd game by letting his more conservative opponents fight amongst themselves; and Romney gives good debate. It’s just a matter of time. Resitance is futile.

Conservative commentators agree that Romney is not a real conservative, but they reason all conservative voters will hold their noses and vote for Romney when he runs against Obama. What choice is there? Just deal with it, get behind the man and move on.

Not so fast. Romney has low — LOW — acceptance amongst conservatives. If they choose to not vote in the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections, Obama will win.

We went down this way before, just four years ago. Remember John McCain? The GOP brought forward a boring old man, a moderate Republican who inspired no one at all. Romney is McCain, Part Deux, but without the distinguished war record.


What is Mitt Romney?

  1. He’s part of the political class. The son of George Romney, Mitt is a political aristocrat like the Bushes or Kennedys. The political class is disconnected from the values and worries of most Americans. House Romney never mingled with the hoi polloi. Regardless of political party, the politcal class attends to its own needs first. Average Americans are not a priority.

  2. He’s fan of the Value-Added Tax.

  3. Romney is tainted blue. Romney was governor of Massachusetts, the epicenter of liberal wierdness. Massachusetts is the Land of Bawney Fwank and Sister Elizabeth Warren. The Kennedys spawn there. Newt Gingrich calls Romney a ‘Massachusetts Moderate.’ He’s right.

  4. He is the father of RomneyCare. Romney’s personal health insurance mandate is an assault on personal liberty. RomneyCare is abhorrent to conservatives. The man will not renounce this health care fiasco. What assurance do they that he won’t sustain ObamaCare in some fashion? Romney promised to undo ObamaCare, but …

  5. … he is a flip-flopper. The man lacks a core on most points. He is on record being “for” and “against” the same issues, depending on the polling of the electorate at the moment.

  6. Romney was a of LDS leader, the leader of the Boston Stake. I expect problems with separating church and state from a man who is a ‘spiritual leader.’ Americans expect their presidents to be influenced by their faith, not bishops influencing others.


The GOP is making a strategic mistake promoting a candidate who is merely ‘electable.’ That’s not enough. America wants a leader, an inspirational person with an appealing message, and a persuader who will convince them to take a difficult road. They do not need a milquetoast-y technocrat.

Winning the election is not the end game. Winning hearts is.

Mitt Romney will not get many votes from conservative Americans. Without this block, he will certainly lose the 2012 election. Romney is not very electable after all.

 I am a conservative independent. I want someone better.


Mitt versus Mitt







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