I resist no longer






Each day some of my ‘What I Can Do’ becomes ‘What I Used To Do.’ It hurts my eyes to read lables on cans and little boxes. I strain to see my fingernails when I am cutting them.

Dr Optometrist says my eyes are still good. I’m not ready for bifocals, yet, but he suggested ‘readers.’ I bought a three-pack at the drug store. They are wonderful!

Other news: I used my first senior discount at the movies. First time. Asking for it was easy, but realizing I could use it anytime thereafter for the rest of my life bothered me.

I looked into the mirror and saw my father. Yay.



One comment

  1. Aww, I sympathize. I recently updated my bifocal prescription for the third time already. It is nice being able to see again!

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