Want to change things? Find a Weirdo.



Change Agents are a little odd


From the Vecci Blog


Change agents are just a bit off-kilter. Why? They must be nervy enough to challenge the status quo and get away with it, and they must be seen as different to encourage other employees to follow them. It’s in the job profile. Ghandi was eccentric. So was Steve Jobs, John The Baptist and Jack Welch.

We can use gentler descriptors: panache, style … ‘different drummer,’ but we know them when we see them. Along with intelligence, empathy and passion, weirdness is an essential attribute for change evangelists. Often a change fails for no other reason than  its leader is a boring person. People tend not to notice things when they’re yawning.

Too much weirdness is ineffective. Maybe dangerous. Did you know there is a Perceived Weirdness Index (PWI)?  Leaders are either ignored, not taken seriously or fired if they are outside the optimal range

I doubt ‘Weirdness; will ever make it to your company’s leadership handbook. But I bet you know a few successful weirdos working there.

Are you one of them?





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