Have you ever tucked in a baby from a phone booth?


AT&T predicted “you will” (back in 1993)




Have you  ever…

  • watched a movie you wanted to watch the minute you want to watch it?
  • made a phone call on your wrist?
  • put your heads together when you’re not together?
  • kept your eye on your home when you’re not at home?
  • faxed someone from the beach?
  • browsed a book from a thousand miles away?
  • crossed the country without stopping for directions?
  • attended a meeting in your bare feet?


The above video is a compilation of the ‘You Will’ AT&T television commercials from 1993-4. I found several things remarkable about them. The most obvious is the way most of them came true, either as consumer products or things IT has delivered to the workplace. Also remarkable is how AT&T has remained in the middle of most of these solutions — TODAY.

Setting an aspirational vision with yourself and your customers helps to make things happen.

But the most astonishing thing was that they are not remarkable in 2011; we take these for granted just 18 years later. We have them. That’s astounding. We have grown accustomed to the Remarkable.

“Fax from the beach” makes us laugh; who faxes anymore? Phone booth? They’re extinct.

When I was a boy in 1964, my father took me to the World’s Fair in New York City. I remember riding a monorail in the world of tomorrow. The pavilion said by 1990 Americans would take hover cars to work. We all had personal robots. Food was instant and delicious. A Jetsons world with fins. Today we have sleek, computerized automobiles and smartphones. Sadly, technology failed us with the Prius and SlimFast.




And who remembers ‘2001, A Space Odyssey?’ Released in 1968, the movie predicted moon colonies, suspended animation, intelligent computers and personal video communication by 2001. It’s 2011 and we have Watson and Skype. We went to the Moon in 1968 but haven’t set up home yet.

Let’s predict what will be remarkably unremarkable in 2029:

  • Holographic television.
  • Snap-on body parts
  • Robots. (Why not?)
  • Personal luminescence
  • Wireless appliances
  • Machine control via mental command
  • Actual smartness food
  • Auto [hair,teeth,skin] regeneration

What am I missing? Unleash your futuristic self!




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