The best little nursery in Minnesota

  Spring Flowers


Each May my friend Steve and I visit Kelley and Kelley Nursery in Long Lake, MN. It’s a bit of a journey (40 miles) to get there from the east side of the Twin Cities metro where we live. We always come home with more plants than we intended to buy. Still, garden retail therapy is abolutely essential after seven months of Minnesota winter.


Garden Bench 

The perennial meadow is planted with bluebells, trillium, minor bulbs and tulips.


Kelley and Kelley is a family-run business, third generation I believe. The people at Kelley are part of the reason the place is so special. The owner takes time to visit with you. And the friendly staff go far out of their way to be helpful.


Tulips  and Bluebells

Tulips and bluebells, close-up


Kelley and Kelley offers ‘you pickem’ plants. You can select plants from a spreading field of spring ephemerals or their raised beds. The field staff will dig and pot them for you. Kelley’s also sells pre-potted perennials.

Their selection ranges from typical plants you would find at gardenmarts to unusual varieties for the collector. But the big draw for me, and many others are the bluebells. They are the only nursery I know who sells them in the Twin Cities.




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