An Afternoon At The Minneapolis Institute Of Arts


Diana confronts the pregnant Callisto (Titian)


I went to see the Titian exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute Of Arts on a cold March afternoon. Titian was one of the first Italian painters to use oil instead of fresco or tempura. The painter is known for his mastery of color (‘Titian red’) and the way he often taunted the sensibilities of the establishment. The exhibit paintings were five hundred years old, an though they looked in good condition to me, our docent said they had been restored many times. The pigments had faded over the centuries, though they still looked richly-colored to me.

We left the exhibit and explored other paintings on the second floor before it was time to get home. I love the place. As we headed out the door, I made I note to come back again in summer and spend an entire day there.



Rodin bronzes in the Impressionist galleries


Warhol, Close from the Moderns


Art students from the nearby Minneapolis College of Art And Design (MCAD); a magnificent Chihuly chandelier


Chinese horses. The MIA has many antiquities from Asia.





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