Ease your winter-weary soul

Visit the 2011 Minneapolis Home and Garden Show



A scene from Natural Landscape Minnesota, Inc’s display garden


It’s March in Minnesota. There’s only a few weeks of Serious Winter left. Rather than sit home and endure the home stretch of grey and cold, why not visit a garden show? Each year I take a Friday afternoon off and head to the annual  Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Just walking into the big convention hall brings summer to you; the whiff of flowers and hot dogs is a powerful winter antidote.

Fellow garden nut Karen and I strolled up and down the aisles. We went straight to the garden displays. There I met Jim, the owner of Natural Landscape Minnesota. He had the best display, of conifers, waterfalls and stone. He told me about the way hexangonal basalt columns were formed billions of years ago. There were several columns for sale there. Jim is also sculptor of stone; he has several pieces of his work, most were already sold.

I may have to visit Jim this summer.



Two ancient works. One, Jim’s creation, is 3.6 billion years old. The other is slightly less old.


Magnolia ‘Ann’ is a smoky purple must-have at Linders’ display. I’m going to have to find room for it at my place. The pink rhododenron is a Finnish hybrid, hardy in MN.


Karen and I spent a half day browsing the garden booths. I got some ideas for outside projects including an easy way to make a beautiful fire ring for my back yard this summer. We snacked on free samples. I should have tried the frozen wine, but I passed it over for some homemade caramels.

There are all sorts of ideas for the house and yard, so go, fill your head with anti-winter thoughts and visit the Home and Garden Show. It’s open through Sunday, March 6, 2011.



Checking out plant porn in the MN Horticultural Society booth. Lots of heavy breathing.






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