My buzzword sheet after 10 mins





I use the Buzzword Bingo iPad app during really tedious presentations. This is what it looked like during an IBM presentation two days ago. The gentleman, who I won’t identify, was actually a very good speaker, but he was really a salesman in a beautiful suit. I would have finished the card in another five minutes, but I really had to run out of the auditorium. What else could I do after 2 big cups of strong coffee only halfway through a two-hour event?

Jargon, spiel, cliche and acronyms drive an audience to boredom. Or tears. Or Never-Never Land. When I hear auto-speak, I think the speaker is lazy, just reusing pre-made words instead of being engaging and inventive. I’ve observed that passionate speakers rarely use buzzwords. Or, at least you don’t notice them when they do.


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