Man Marries Horse In California, Press Is Shocked.

Same-sex, different-genus couple waited decades






The entertainment world is reeling after one-time TV personalities Wilbur Post and Mister Ed announced their marriage this past weekend at a press conference. “After 40 years in a committed, loving relationship, Mister Ed and I decided it was time to tie the lariat” said Mr. Post to the stunned reporters.

Mister Ed withheld comment.

The aging actor and his gelding companion have been living together for decades, chosing to keep their relationship private. After Judge Vaughn overturned Proposition Eight in federal court last summer,  the interspecies couple decided it was time to come out of the stall. “And the Proposition didn’t say anything about animals, did It?” winked Mr. Post.

Long-time TV friends, Lassie and Timmy, stood to the side as the human-equine couple shared the news.



Timmy told reporters that he and Lassie hoped to marry some day as well, but they were shopping for better health care first. “Many providers cover domestic partners, but we can’t find one that covers worms.”


Related news: Hollywood’s preeminent orifice, Perez Hilton, is gushing about the rumor of a Golden Girls  group wedding next month. “A lesbian, polyamorous and necrophilic marriage! No one in Hollywood has one of those. Ooooo! Leave it to Betty to round out her FANTASTIC 2010!”



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