Make Retro Photos The Hipstamatic Way



Lake Pepin (Mississppi River), Wisconsin

If you have an iPhone and you enjoy taking pictures with it, please get the Hipstamatic photography app. It makes ordinary digital photography a lot of fun by adding a retro flair to the images. I experimented with it yesterday. I am tickled with the results.



Hipstamatic emulates the experience of taking pictures with old film cameras. You have your choice of lens, film and flash, or if you prefer, you can shake your camera and let it choose a random combination of the three. Hipstamatic has an old-fashioned display with lens on the front and a camera back, including a little window showing the ‘film’ cartridge. When you take a picture it ‘develops’ it for you and stores it in your photo library. All photos are labled on the back with their camera settings.

I have an older iPhone, the 3G. On OS4, Hipstamatic runs a little too slow on my handset; I imagine it is much faster on a newer one. My iPhone also got warm after I took a ‘roll’ of photos.



The pictures I took look like those in my Mom’s 1960s photo album. They are faded, yet rich in color. Fanciful vignetteing draws attention to unusual points of interest. There are even tape marks on the margins, as if they were torn from yellowed album pages






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