Your Weekly Roses, 2010-June-21


‘Dakota Song’ was developed in South Dakota, a place not known for lovely roses. Peach is a rare color for hardy roses. This rose is hard to find. I bought mine from Kedem Nursery in Hastings, MN.



‘Evelyn’ is named for the woman of ‘Crabtree and Evelyn’ reknown. In a nod to its namesake, this rose is beautifully scented. Not a large or productive rose in MN.



‘Charlotte Brownell’ is a “hybrid hybrid tea,” a back cross of a tender florist rose with a wild species rose. Colored like the famous ‘Peace’ rose, but sweetly scented. Very large flowers.



‘Teasing Georgia’ has pale yellow flowers. It’s a short climbing rose for me. I grow it on a low iron  trellis.



Bountiful and productive, ‘Graham Thomas’ opens a rich yellow and fades to pale cream on the second day. Scented of old rose and tobacco leaves. I find it hard to take my nose out of a bloom.


Want to see more of my garden? Click here.

Want to see more of my roses? Then click here.


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