Tweetdeck Madness



Tweetdeck just sends me over the edge. All those rows of talking little heads, stacked in dark buildings, talking to no one, looking at no one. It’s Babel. It’s Bedlam. I recoil.

Are you a Tweetdeck user? I marvel at your capacity. You have the ability to partition cacophony while following thousands. You slide your little black towers left and right, peeking into windows. Somehow, you find cadence.

I decided long ago to make my Twitter feed ‘natural,’ I prefer my Twitter to be a room full of people. Not a crowd, but a few I could follow. I track only 80 ‘tweeple’ now. Any more and I can’t ‘see’ what’s going on. I can’t follow a conversation for the uproar.




And I choose to constrain my Twitter sessions to my iPhone. Being in the moment — responding and recording — means being mobile. My Twitter stream flows across my palm. The little  handset throttles the stream, too.

Otherwise, it’s a tidal wave.



  1. I’ve never used Tweetdeck, and from the looks of it I never will. It appears to be just as busy looking as Seesmic desktop, which was too busy for me. I’ve opted for using the Twitter web interface due to it’s simplicity and cleanliness. Sometimes, we can have too many options. The painting sums it up well.

  2. That’s Bosch. He is famous for many paintings of hellish scenes. I saw this one up close years ago; the detail is impressive. My first visual impression took me back to this painting. Though I did install Tweetdeck, it only lasted a couple of days before I took it off.

    I may install Tweetie for Mac on home desktop. But I agree, the cleaner interface of simple Twitter is more effective. Have you seen the new mobile UI from Twitter? That’s pretty clean, too.

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