Fire and Ice At Franconia



Today we went to an Iron Melt at the Franconia Sculpture Park. Students were learning how to melt iron and pour it into forms. They were melting old scrap iron, mostly discarded car radiators. The Park is a place for sculpture students to learn technique. At any time you will find students welding, hammering and even singing as they produce unusual art form. Franconia is also a wide-open public sculpture garden. I recommend visiting it sometime on a summer day.

It was 23F and an Alberta Clipper was bearing down on us. It was plenty warm near the fires, but they kept shooing me away when I got too close.


 The students used a steel drum to  to melt the iron. They had trouble getting the iron hot enough on this cold day.


They poured the hot iron into forms made of pressed sand.


 Their teacher took a few moments to explain the process to me.



Coke is the necessary fuel to hit iron’s melting point.



I walked around and took a few other snaps. This is perhaps their most renowned work.


More of the large sculptures. The place is vast. I wasn’t prepared to capture too many more shots; my fingers were freezing.


Lounge Lizard.



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