Matryoshka Dolls


Matryoshka (‘mother,’ from the Latin ‘mater’) are the little nesting dolls from Russian culture. Also known as babushka (‘grandmother’) dolls, these were inspired by Japanese wooden figurines. ‘Matyroshka’ is a traditional mother figure wearing a shawl. In the seventies, Matryoshka tradition fused with contemporary Russian art and politics. Nowadays, they may not be motherly or even female, but they always follow the “smaller-in-smaller’ principle.

We  saw these at the Museum Of Russian Art in Minneapolis. They are part of a special exhibit running through March 29, 2010




Religious  theme

Political theme. Russians don’t hold a high opinion of Mr Bonaparte


  1. The Bonaparte matryoshka are wonderful. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the Russians do not hold him in high regard.

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