Hot Air Balloons


Each year the town of Hudson, Wisconsin, holds its annual Hot Air Affair. It’s a three-day event held in February. I don’t understand why it’s held in such a cold time of year. We were freezing, but we found if we stayed close to the gondolas when they fired up, we could enjoy the heat.


I took this one with my iPhone.


Yes, that’s Nemo.

They never took  off — that’s for daylight — but they synchronized their flares to create a sort of light show


Many people had to hold the balloons down. This team of big guys did all they could to keep from floating upwards


One comment

  1. Looks like you got a good selection of non-commercial blogs. I went to this many years but gave up when it started getting overtaken by Remax, Wells Fargo and Target balloons. And also it was insanely cold. Nice shots!

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