Customer Service That Doesn’t




This year Delta Airlines merged with Northwest Airlines. Northwest was completely erased by Delta. Last month I got a letter from Delta saying my Northwest Worldperks frequent flier account and its miles would be converted to Delta’s Skymiles plan. They didn’t send me a card, so I called customer service to get one.

Delta Customer Service: “Thank you for calling Delta Customer Service. How may I help you?”

John: “Hi. I just got this letter from Delta saying my Northwest World Perks frequent flyer miles were converted to Skymiles. I didn’t get a card, just a letter. I went to your Web site to see how I can get a card, but I couldn’t find out how. I’m hoping you could help me.”

Delta Customer Service: “Sir, we don’t give out cards.”

John: “Sure you do. My son just opened a new Skymiles account this summer when he flew to Las Vegas. When he did, you sent him a card.”

Delta Customer Service: “Oh, that’s because he opened a new account.”

John: “Don’t I have a new account?”

Delta Customer Service: “No, you have a converted account. We made a transfer”

John: “I never had an account with Delta before. I’d like a card, actually TWO cards. I put one on my travel knapsack and the other in my briefcase. I take one or the other, depending if I travel for business. It’s handy to pull it out at the ticket counter if I need it.”

Delta Customer Service: “Sir, it’s our policy to give new cards only for new accounts. I’m not authorized to issue a new one to you.”

John: “You’re kidding. How can I get this information so I can stow it in my travel gear?

Delta Customer Service: “I suggest you go to our Website and print your Skymiles account number. You can put that in your briefcase.”

John: “But a plastic card is waterproof, small and durable. Printer paper isn’t.”

Delta Customer Service: “I recommend you have the paper laminated. I tell this to all people who request another card.”

John: “You’re not serious?”

Delta Customer Service:

John: “Never mind!”

Delta Customer Service: “It’s my pleasure, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

John: “You didn’t help me at all.”

Delta Customer Service:  “Thank you for your call”


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