Project: Make A Walkway Out Of Sink Cutouts


Last summer we had new granite counter tops made for our bathroom. We chose the stone slab ourselves because it was an unusual blend of granite and quartz. When the workmen were done installing it, they had two perfect oval cutouts left. When I asked what they would do with them, they said “Oh, we just take them back to the shop and throw them in the dumpster.” No way was I going to let those two beauties get tossed. I am a gardener, and like all gardeners, we tend to fill our gardens with ‘found’ (meaning ‘crap’) objects. I was sure I could find a place for those gorgeous pieces of stone.

I envisioned a path of sorts and there wasn’t much I could do with just two pretty stones. I called the shop and asked if I could raid their dumpster. “No problem,” according to them. Boy did we make a killing! We filled out little SUV with all sizes and shapes of stone.

Counter top stone is superior to ordinary garden rock. For one it’s mined, polished and selected for its beauty. And it’s a uniform depth, making it easy to place in a path.

I spent two Saturday afternoons making this path for a total of five hours. I am not a handyman, yet I actually assembled an eight-foot path between two patios. I researched how to lay flagstone and I talked the ear off the guys at Home Depot. I’m pretty happy with the results and I still have all my fingers.

Download this file


  1. Do you plan to line the walkway with something fun… like some low growing sedge grasses? 🙂

  2. I could, but the dogs would eat it. They love grassy things. I also thought about seeding the spaces between the stones with creeping thyme. I might still do that.

  3. Did you put these in polished side up? I have access to hundreds of these things and thought of doing the same thing, but was terrified they’d be too slippery. They’re just so pretty it seems a waste to leave them in a pile outside or in a dumpster.

  4. Yes, they are polished side up. I had the same worries. Well, each stone is a *little* slippery, but the overall surface isn’t. People can’t slide because there are it isn’t a long, continuous smooth surface.

    I did try them bottoms-up, but all the color and depth of the natural stone is gone. All you have is a chalky-white oval. If you do that, you might as well use concrete circles from Home Depot.

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